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How Drones Can Be Used To Market Your Business

It’s no longer a shock to see a drone here or there shooting footage at weddings or events, but aerial videography can be used to market your business too. Here are a few of the most compelling reasons to consider getting an aerial perspective.

A City View Without The Cost Of A Helicopter

Before drones, the only way to get a clean shot of the Arizona skyline, a breathtaking landscape, or your service area was to hire a helicopter and videographer. While the end result is always impressive the cost simply doesn’t fit in small business owner’s budgets. With drones you have a cost-effective alternative.

Shoot Wide-Angle Photos And Video

Drones can be used to capture a variety of shots including video and still shot photos. We can also capture wide-angle and 360-degree views with ease. Once the shots are complete, we will flawlessly edit your photos and videos providing you with a branded product to be used in both offline and digital marketing channels.

Go Where You Want To Go

Even with advanced equipment and a skilled photographer there are angles and locations that are all but impossible to shoot without a drone. Yes, there are some limitations and restrictions regarding air traffic control, but the majority of drone footage is shot in areas and at heights where no restrictions apply.

Stream Your Event In Real Time

Drones can be used to live stream public and private events from an aerial view. Sure, you can live stream your event from the ground but with a drone you can easily move throughout the venue providing viewers with a true sense of being there.

An In-Depth Perspective

Aerial videography can be used to provide your clients and prospects with an in-depth perspective of your product or service. In fact, 64 percent of users make their purchasing decision after watching a branded video. This will vary depending on your industry or product, but could be used to:

  • Share the layout of your hotel
  • Share the exterior of your real estate property
  • Share the neighborhood your childcare center is in
  • Provide a bird’s eye view of the location you will be touring
  • Show prospects what makes your golf course greens appealing
  • And more!

When it comes to drones the options are endless. Reach out to the team at Nuvine Visuals today to discuss how an aerial perspective can be used to elevate your marketing content.

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