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How Modern-Day Aerial Photography Can Help Boost Your Business

Aerial photography has been around for decades via mounted cameras and helicopter. With the addition of drones to many photographer and videographer’s tool base, the demand for aerial has never been higher. Here are just a few ways drones can be used to boost your business. 

Expand Your Media Database

As the internet plays an increased role in branding, marketing, and generating brand awareness—you require a quality database of photos and videos. This goes beyond the somewhat generic media you can purchase the copyright for, to personalized media that showcases who you are. By utilizing a drone your photographer can go beyond the standard still shot or eye-level footage, and easily shoot photos and videos that walk viewers through your store, office, neighborhood, service site, event, and more. 

Connect And Engage

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in your goal is always to connect and engage with your target audience. While written word always has it’s time and place, adding a relevant image reduce bounce rates and relevant video boosts engagement by 4 times or more. On top of that, viewers are more likely to share or repost videos that they enjoy. Thanks to drones video footage and edited video products can easily fit into the average small and mid-size business owners budget. 

Remain Relevant In Your Industry

It is expected that by the end of 2020 that video will account for 85 percent of all digital content. This means that to remain relevant and competitive you will need to invest in video content. If you don’t, you may be left behind. And if you are in a small niche or service area where few are turning to video the sooner you implement video into your marketing plan the larger the lead you will gain.

What Kind Of Video Do You Need?

There are a variety of ways to utilize video in your marketing plan. Unlike blogs and articles, you can repost the same video in multiple places on the web—from your website to social media, email marketing, and video ads. Choose from promotional videos, training and instruction, brand awareness, digital commercials, and more. 

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