Top 10 Corporate Video Content Types That Are a Must for Your Business

Here are the top 10 corporate video content types that are quintessential for your business’s success. Let’s take a look

The world of video has diversified into an absolute work of art. Gone are the days when stereotypical formats for content types were being used across the corporate board. Today, it’s the era of innovation. Corporate video is slowly turning into an industry standard for promotional activity and more.

You may not realize it but corporate video covers an entire extreme of spectrums. And we at Nuvine Visuals are bringing you up to date with them all. Here are the top 10 corporate video content types that are quintessential for your business’s success. Let’s take a look!

10 Corporate Video Types for your Business

Online Commercials

The biggest difference between the commercials you witness on television and online corporate commercials is the time limit and the budget. While TV advertisements are limited to around 50 seconds in duration and require a giant budget, online corporate commercials are easy going in this aspect. They simply rely on great storytelling, giving immense hope to both small and medium scale organizations.

Company Profiles

A fresh or new corporate organization that plans on popping up into the market can make use of company profiles. These videos are short in length and work to introduce the firm to possible stakeholders. Through this method of video content, companies can explain the great goods and services they plan on offering. This further creates a niche in the most hassle free manner possible. And with limited time and budget as a startup, what could possibly be better?

Customer Testimonials

One of the greatest ways that consumers are able to connect with their brands is via product reviews. The opinions given by real customers who have tested a product may not seem like a big deal to you but boy do they affect sales. This is a quintessential step in the world of corporate marketing as online shoppers need fast answers when it comes to making their buying decisions. How else could one simply judge the hype or potential claims associated with a certain product?

Staff Trainings

A corporate organization is only as strong as its workforce. This is the reason why companies are seeking out all the right steps towards strengthening their teams with the best training. And one fabulous way of doing so is via video content. This serves to save up on time while accelerating the knowledge retention process too. Staff training videos also allow employees to brush up their skills by revisiting the same videos, time after time.

Documentation for corporate events

Be it company milestones, annual awards night, dinners and more- the process of documentation is an integral part for all corporate events. This shouldn’t only be restricted to celebratory events. Conferences, important meetings and seminars are included too. Video allows companies to record all happenings for future record, memory or future enhancement of progress.

Creative Alternatives

What attracts the market is likely to sell. And with consumer demands reaching new peaks on a routinely basis, it’s no surprise why the corporate world is using creative alternatives via video content. Be it digital animation or the mere use of infographics, companies can pull out an array of tricks to make customers stop and stare in absolute awe.

Recruitment Purposes

Recruitment videos allow organizations to hunt for the talent, skill and workforce specialists that they need. These are created to promote an organization in the most attractive manner imaginable. This is in line with classified ads that are prevalent on countless employment website platforms.

Corporate documentaries

If you haven’t come across the phrase ‘advertising without actually advertising’, we’d like to bring this to your attention. This is a magical way of enlarging your company’s transparency. The video features the oldest employees, any historic events of the company as well as messages from the founder. Viewers are given a glance of the company’s direction while engaging with stakeholders simultaneously too.

Industrial corporate recordings

Industrial video content is generally aimed at audiences belonging to a particular sector of the industry. These videos serve as informational guides on particular products or services for viewers having little to no knowledge on the subject.

Internal communication

The greatest benefit of internal communication is related to the sharing of information within a particular corporate circle or its clients. They are useful when it comes to explaining a business’s policy, discussing any upcoming projects, reflecting on memorable milestone or simply promotion for a product release. This is an effortless means of getting the right kind of information across the target audiences involved.

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