Why DIY Real Estate Videos Just Won’t Do

While it’s tempting to shoot your own property videos, there are several ways in which DIY videos fall short.

An overwhelming 94% of buyers head online to view local property listings before they select an agent to work with. And 85% of sellers want an agent who will shoot a commercial-worthy listing video. While it’s tempting to shoot your property videos from your smartphone or iPad, there are several ways in which DIY real estate videos fall short.

A True Feel For The Property

To ensure your listing stands out from its competition a video tour is a must. Your video must be steady, bright, and provide more than a quick look at each room—but the true feel of each home you sell. With a professionally edited video, potential buyers will feel like they are doing more than watching a video but walking through each room.

A 360 Degree View

Property videos must be shot in a manner that provides a clear understanding of the layout. This means the video needs to be shot at a 360-degree view so that you can see which rooms lead to the next. 

Professional Videos Are Easier To Market

Video content is currently over 30% of all online traffic and is expected to grow to 80% of all traffic by 2021. However, video is more powerful in some industries than others—including the real estate industry. Listings with videos receive 4 times as many inquiries. Realtors see an increased ROI in their marketing budget when switching from photo to video marketing.

Sellers Want Agents With A Strong Video Presence

One of the determining factors when selecting a realtor to sell their home is whether or not video is included with their listing, as well as the quality of the agent’s current video listings. In fact, 85% of sellers will only work with agents who utilize video. 

Ariel View

While the inside of the house is a top priority, drones can be used to shoot the front and back yard, the side of the house, and the neighborhood. So, even if you shoot your interior videos yourself you may need a videographer to film the exterior. 

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